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NSA-Exchange is an exclusive online platform for businesses to connect, designed for the "National Supermarket Association". Once you have registered on www.nsa-exchange.com as a seller or as an independent supermarket, you will have access to offer and purchase products and services anytime, anywhere. This platform will increase your product variety, maximize your efficiency, reduce staffing costs, and much more.

NSA Exchange History

● Founded in 1989 by Hispanic businessmen, the NSA is a trade association representing the interests of independent supermarket owners in New York and other urban cities on the East Coast, the Mid-Atlantic region and Florida.

● The association provides its members with representation in both the public and private sectors and advocates on issues that affect the entire supermarket industry.

● Current members represent approximately 600+ supermarkets.

● Most members are of Hispanic descent and their stores are located in strategic locations for the target consumer.

● Members' annual transaction figures run into the billions.