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Clasicorp is an agency specialized in the American market, for more than 20 years, in advising companies to effectively reach the chain of supermarkets that are members of the NSA.

Market research

International market research is the key to successful export planning. It is important to critically review and assess the demand for your product, as well as those factors related to a specific export destination. The information can maximize the results of your company, also optimizing your resources. Our research can help you compare market options and target the right segments.

Foreign Trade Analysis Module.

Local Market Analysis Module.

Competitive Analysis Module.

Demand Forecast Module.

Free Trade Agreement Research Module.

Launch-to-Market module.

Market Access

NSA-Exchange integrates commercialization in a technological way and Clasicorp complements it with its commercial advice as well as its management in a personal and professional manner. Our solutions can help you have concrete information about the target market.

Module Connections with Associations of Supermarkets, Distributors and Wholesalers.

Online Advertising Campaign Planning Module.

Other Export Efforts. Even consulting on procedures and permits necessary for the American market.

Merchandise storage.

Product distribution.

Some of our customers

Superbread, the largest distributor of bread in NYC, National Supermarket Association, Grupo Nirsa Real products, Oak Waste Management Group, Coca Cola Atlanta USA, Grupo Rica, American Food and Beverage Association, among others.

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